Apparel Cutting Plotter

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Apparel Cutting Plotter

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  1. The first company to develop the Apparel Cutting Plotter (also called the CAD cutting/plotting machine ),and preserve the intellectual property and also the patent technology.
  2. Main control equipment applies technical grade high-speed 32-bit embedded CPU, with the advantage of high operating speed, high integration level and high reliability.
  3. Advanced drawing arithmetic: with integration of 3000 kinds of characterized graphics and union of advanced motional mathematics model, can draw complicated curves and biases quickly and smoothly.
  4. High data outputting speed: the max. outputting speed is 80000 turns/second, and the max. cutting/plotting speed can reach 1200mm/s.
  5. High transferring speed: choose between 9600-115200,supports the max. speed of 11520bps.
  6. High anti-static capacity: the special anti-static mode can endure times of static disturb.
  7. Parallel processing capacity: during the plotting process can also support coordinate performance, pause, and also the performance of operating speed and time, also supporting online updating.
  8. Human-friendly menu: perfect function provides the operator great advantage on freely choosing among the functions transferring speed/flow control/language performance/pen up-down time/test graphics and anti-static mode in the dry areas.
  9. Professional structure: imported balanced linear bearing.
  10. Acceptable paper media:60-300g/m2.Double purpose machine: working both as a cutter and as a plotter.




Max. Plotting Width

1250mm(49.2 in.) 1600mm(64.5 in.)

Acceptable Pens

Ball Point Pens

Acceptable Blade

Special Cutting Blade

Max. Roll-Media

40 kg

Acceptable Media(g/m)



English LCD

Pen Pressure


Plotting Speed

1200mm/s(31.5 in./s)

Machine Resolution


CPU Double


Data Buffer


Hardware Interface

RS-232(Serial cable),

Power Supply


Working Humidity

35%-75%(No Condensing water)

Working Temperature


Stand and Take-up System


Shipping Weight

70kg 80kg

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