Fiber laser cutter

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Fiber laser cutter

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The fiber laser cutting machine could perfectlly cut steel metal, expecial the stainless steel and carton steel.  The world's top fiber laser keep stable performance. the focused spot smaller cut lines more sophisticated, higher productivity, betterquality and processing. 


  1. Stability and reliability for light path system and control system.
  2. Fiber laser has high and stable function and lifespan which is over 100000 hours.
  3. Higher cutting quality and efficiency with cutting speed being with perfect cutting edge.
  4. High performance reducer, gear and rack;Japanese Imported Panasonic Servo Motor & Driving System
  5. auto feeding wheel design for materials feeding

It is widely used in sheet metal processing, aeronautical and space, electronics, metro parts, vehicle, grain machinery, textile machinery, elevator, appliances, gifts and crafts, toys manufacturing, decorations, advertising, metal processing and kitchenware manufacturing and other manufacturing and processing industry.

  • 0.2-3mm stainless steel/0.2-4mm steel

  • 300W / 500W / 750W / 1000W/1500W

  • Raycus / IPG

  • Water cooling

  • Red dot pointing

  • Oxygen, Nitrogen, air

  • Imported ball-screw / Gear rack(optional)

  • ±0.01mm

  • ±0.01mm

  • 30m/min

  • 1--16m/min

  • 0.02mm

  • 220V/50Hz 380V 50/60HZ


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