Most Popular N Type Cutting Plotter

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Most Popular N Type Cutting Plotter

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  1. Forward direction and reverse direction paper feed
  2. Emergency stop and free setting original point
  3. Maximum speed of 500mm/s
  4. Cutting speed and cutting pressure with memorial storage
  5. Double photoelectric reset and without any collision
  6. Perfect output and without any saw tooth at high speed
  7. Using the most advance subdivision circuit and having low noise
  8. Using switching power supply and its operation won't be influenced by voltage change
  9. Circuit uses low power consumption and doesn’t need fan for  heat radiation so as to ensure long and reliable operation

Maximum paperfeed 


360mm(14.2'')720mm (28.4")800mm (31.5")960mm (37.8")1120mm  (44.1")1360mm(53.6") 1780mm (70.1'')
Real cutting range330mm(13'')630mm(24.8")720mm(27.6")860m(33.9")1010m(39.8")1250m(49.2")1680m(70.1")
*limitless length*limitless length*limitless length*limitless length*limitless length*limitless length*limitless length
Cutting speed25mm/s-500mm/s(0.98"/s-19.7"/s)
Cutter pressure25-500g Grade 16-32
English LCD With
Mechanical0.0254 mm/step(0.001"/step)
Blade  TypeSwivel Standard blade (Compatible with Roland blade)
InterfacesUSB 2.0 and RS232 serial interface
Commands/HP-GL / DMPL compatible
Bracket With


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