Vertical Inkjet Cutting Plotter

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Vertical Inkjet Cutting Plotter

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Vertical inkjet cutting plotter is a high speed apparel plotter and applies to plate type plotting in apparel industry.Printing and cutting two functions both can be realized It is easy to operate and to input. High speed double HP ink cartridges are adopted so our inkjet plotter is several times faster than traditional inkjet plotter. Besides, without zigzags, the plotting lines are clear and smooth.

The new generation HP45 plotting head enables inkjet printing to be accomplished effectively when compared with ordinary inkjet plotter.

  • Our inkjet plotter can be used in clothing and other related industries.
  • Equipped with a double- head continuous ink supply system, our inkjet  plotter has a maximum plotting speed of 108 M2/hour and can achieve smooth surface.


  1. Double HP ink cartridges.
  2. Imported servo and stepper motors .
  3. Our inkjet plotter adopts imported linear bearing with strong anti-wear property and high precision.
  4. Easy to operate with large screen liquid crystal display and clear operation menu.
  5. Imported steel string paper delivering shaft and high precision pinch roller are adopted.
  6. Plotting medium is ink.
  • Hp45(Double Cartridges, self-cleaning)


  • USB2.0

  • XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

  • Smart Keyboard, simple accurate

  • Double roll install, print and cut switch at any time, doubling efficiency

  • Drawing 40-300g, cut 80-300g

  • AC-90-260V/50-60HZ


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