20W Quality Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Auto Focusing System

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20W Quality Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Auto Focusing System

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High- tech product integrated laser technology, precision machinery, electronic, computer and other disciplines. It is widely applied to electronics, computer, watches, hardware, many kinds of tools and other industries, and can mark on the surface of many kinds of metal material ( stainless steel, high speed steel, alloy steel, iron, aluminum and aluminum alloy, etc ) and parts of non-metallic materials ( ABS, PC etc).

1. Select the laser suitable for the power or the power density of the material processed, could process on the most of metal and non-metal material. 2. Laser is processed in the non-mechanical “tool”, no mechanical extrusion and stress for the material, no tool wear, no toxic, no pollution. 3. Small material consumption, no thermal deformation. 4. Easy to operate. 5. Precise positioning with three- dimensional workbench. 6. High anti-falsification. 7. Unique auto location function. 8. Low cost, high benefit.

  • 20W

  • 1064nm

  • M2<1.6

  • 50-120KHz

  • 110×110mm

  • 110×110mm

  • ≤2.0mm

  • ≤14000mm/s

  • 0.01mm

  • 0.05mm

  • ±0.001mm

  • ≤1000W

  • 100,000hrs

  • Single Phase 110V/220V/50-60Hz

  • Air cooling

  • 100KΩ±1

  • 1 KΩ±1

  • 0.5V/ Mechanical deflection Angle

  • ±15VDC/±22VDC

  • 20PPM/℃

  • 0~50℃

  • 5 KG

  • 196×216mm

  • 493*400*487mm

  • 100mm


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