High Quality 20W / 30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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High Quality 20W / 30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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1.Fiber laser marking machine price is a new generation of laser marking system

2.Fiber laser marking machine is adopted the world's most advanced laser technology, which has good beam quality and high precision marking results.

Characteristics of fiber laser marking machine:

  • No consumables, low-power, power consumption is less than 500W
  • Compact size, high speed, high repeat positioning accuracy
  • Life span up to 100,000 hours, can move with any workplace.

Main Technical parameter of fiber laser marking machine:

  • Laser power:20W
  • Laser wavelength:1064nm
  • Beam quality:m²<1.5
  • Standard marking range:110×110mm
  • Consumed power of the whole machine:≤500W
  • Electricity demand:220V/50Hz/10A
  • Cooling mode:air cooling

Application of fiber laser marking machine:

Sanitary ware, food packaging, tobacco marking, beer marking, drinks marking, pharmaceutical packaging,

medical devices, eyeglasses and clocks, auto spare parts, plastic sheet materials, electronic hardware


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